Saturday, 24 May 2014

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Back to Running

After 2 months of cycling, and a long hiatus due to the purchase of a scooter as a means of transport to work, I'm finally getting back into running again. It's a slow and painful process especially when my stamina is not quite up to where it should have been. Dragging myself out of the house to run is tough, but when I'm finally out of the house and starting to run, somehow, I'm enjoying the fresh air that I used to breathe. Not as fresh as it would be if I were to be a McRitchie instead.

One week from now will be the first event of the year, and probably the only event for 2012 - The Nike Run. 10km race is supposed to be easy to complete, but yet I find myself struggling to run comfortably at a pace of around 6:30min/km. So I'm going to adopt Galloway's method of Run/Walk/Run, with intervals of 4min Run: 1 min Walk.

I ran with Barley last week at East Coast Park, and she's pretty frustrated with me that she has to walk run walk run.... instead of running all the way. Well, take a rest, and one will move further. We managed to do 5km eventually. Quite a feat. Haha...

Let's hope that our pace will improve tonight and tomorrow. Barley bought a Sony MP3 Walkman NWZ-W262 so that she can listen to music while running. I'm quite sure it will boost her momentum. As for me, I'm used to running without music, but maybe some music wouldn't hurt, especially if it's going to be 10km or more? The next item would be a Garmin Forerunner FR10 for her.

Friday, 20 July 2012

1 Month of Cycle Commute

Recently, I changed my cycling route to work, effectively cutting down 6km of the journey from 26km to 20km. I used to cycle on park connectors mostly, along the scenic East Coast Park route and the on Coastal Road PCN as well. The problem with this route is that the wind is notoriously strong, that I felt the difference immediately when I entered the PCNs. The best part though - no cars. So very safe. Having said that, that would mean forced rest stops, and my butt would hurt from non stop cycling.

Now, I take the major roads to work, and is able to cycle faster too (about 5km/h more). It's risky, but generally, the mornings are safe and the traffic is relatively light as well. Returning home is the same thing, except that a slightly modified route to avoid some major roads.

I'm not sure how the next one month will be like since I will be on afternoon shift instead and that would mean cycling to work around noon and cycling back around 10pm. Might not be too comfortable with night cycling, but I guess it's something that I will get adapted to eventually. Alternatively, I will do a multi-modal commute - 5km cycling, train and the final 1km cycling back home. Probably save about 10 mins versus cycling all the way, but the risk is much lesser.

Oh, did I mention that my commute time now is between 1:00 to 1:05 purely by cycling, compared to 1:20 to 1:30 by public transport. Factoring in bathing time, it's no difference in timing, only a "slimmer waistline" to come...